After a great first season with VEX IQ we made it to the UK Nationals. It became apparent that the alliance pairing is a make or break and seems to carry the heaviest weighting. Our teams were not going to win but in driver skills were just outside top 10 and in programming were in the top 5. Overall they were ranked #26.
Four games in alliances were added with the lowest scoring round discarded. in two of those the the alliance teams failed to start due to a fault. In others we were paired with low ranked teams.

I may have misunderstood but this seems to place a big weighting on what is essentially a random pairing. 1 round of scores for driver skills and 1 for programming versus 3 rounds of added scores for alliances.
Is this typical of every Vex IQ competition challenge?
Do refs not have discretion to allow a restart in the case of a non-starter?
This seems to be an unfair weighting of scores, would you agree?

All VEX IQ Challenge events use the alliance format for Teamwork Matches. However the amount of Robot, Programming, and Teamwork matches per team varies from event to event.