Alligning gears in Inventor

Hey everyone.

I am trying to CAD my team’s first design in Autodesk inventor but unfortunately, I am unable to align two gears so they move properly. I have already applied the motion constraint, so they move together, but the teeth don’t align. How do I align them?

One way to do it, without even using the motion constraint, is to right click on each gear and check off the option for “contact set”. Then go to the “inspect” ribbon, and click “Activate contact solver”.
This method may be more CPU intensive, but it will ensure that as you move one gear, the teeth will mesh and automatically move the other.

I want a method that isn’t very CPU intensive. Is there a way to do it using constraints?

Yes. Before you add the constraint, rotate the gears so that the teeth mesh. Then add the constraint.

What constraint do I apply?

The motion constraint, like you had above.

Ok. Thanks!