Allowed Grade Level for Participation for Add It Up

Some areas of the country consider 9th grade as being part of middle school.

Does VEX IQ use grades or ages as their qualifications for allowing participation in Vex IQ?

Would a 14 year old 9th grader be allowed?

In VEX IQ, a qualified Student Participant is classified as *"*Anyone enrolled in a school or home-schooled up through and including Middle School grade levels."

 First, the definition of Elementary School, Middle School, and High School enrollment determines student qualifications for VEX IQ.  When a school has two or more groups together (K-8, K-12, 6-12), 9th grade is classified as high school, 6-8th grade as middle school, and below 6th grade as elementary school.  The elementary and middle school students would be qualified to participate on a VEX IQ team.

If the student is enrolled in a stand alone school/district, which is classified differently by one year, (Middle school includes grades 7-9 and Elementary is grades K-6), then the first definition applies and the 9th grader, in this case, could be part of the Middle School’s VEX IQ team.