Allowed Robot Aethstetics

I had a regarding the usage of polcarb as a mean of aesthetics. I know that rule R7f states that a robot may only use a 12x24 sheet of .07in material on the robot. However rule R7d states that a robot may utilize non-functional decoration on the robot, and because polycarb being used to solely improve robot aesthetics and would not enhance or impair robot performance it seems like it would be legal. I though that I would still ask the question though and if that is legal, is that polycarb under the same thickness specifications or no?

This sounds like an official Q&A topic, and I believe this was already answered???
But the answer is that Polycarb solely for decoration doesn’t count towards the limit.
If I’m wrong somebody tell me.

It would have to be fully backed and supported by legal VEX structure. It would have to have no functional purpose if additional plastic beyond the 12" x 24" panel is used.

@[TVA]Delta_III is right but also pay attention to <R.7.d.ii> , I’ve Italicized the bit in question.

Thanks for the very quick respnses

So a nonfunctional decal doesn’t have to be backed by legal material, correct? It must only be backed by something if it is acting as something other than a nonfunctional decoration.

Exactly… Only if it were to have a use to be functional.

Ok, that’s what I thought. Just wanted to make sure I interpreted it right :slight_smile: