Allowed Safety Glasses

I heard at our tournament that safety glasses with mirrors or dark lenses are not allowed? If this true? If so, can I see the rule?


It is not a rule. I believe that Titan wore them during Roundup and my team wore dark lenses safety glasses during gateway. People at your competition may have thought that it is disrespectful to wear them.

OK. They said we would not be allowed into Worlds with them. I personally love them. They look stylish, and work well on my eyes :slight_smile:

As far as I know, it’s fine. I wore shaded glasses at worlds last year, and have worn even darker glasses at my local competitions this year, and no ref has said anything.

However, there is a rule in FTC robotics that I know of, that disallows shaded safety glasses. Maybe the refs were getting mixed up with the rules?

This wasn’t at our competition, was it?

No it was not. You guys don’t care what safety glasses we wear right? 323X has smoke tinted, and our team has purple.

We shouldn’t… So long as they’re safety rated (of course).

OK. We bought them from Safety Glasses USA. They have side shields, so I think they are good. Glasses (like prescription glasses for seeing) are not allowed right?

Prescription glasses, if “saftey” rated, are allowed at Z-ville comps