Alt. Claw Attachments

So my team is so close to being finished besides a few small things. One of them being attaching the claw to our chain bar. Just in case, we get impatient with what we’re doing now, what do you think could be some alternatives to attaching our claw to our bot.

I can provide pictures if needed

IDK what you’ve got but we did few things to VEX claw that seem to help a lot:
1 - the claw-pin closest the motor - we drilled a hole about 1/2" toward the center - this makes claw open considerably wider
2 - drill a smallish hole in grippers to thread 8/32 screws. Horizontal in middle of gripper & thread long screw add a catch/pressure point (turn in/out to find what works). Vertical allows us to attach ‘grippy’ things to top or bottom.

Hope this helps!

@Korbin are you asking for claw alternatives? Or are you asking what you should work on besides your claw? Also yes pictures would help. But common claw alternatives are: roller intake, passive intake. If you are asking the second question, you could work on a skills run since I assume the rest of the robot is working