alternate elimination round proposal

Most of the negative responses concern the new elimination rounds are regarding single elimination change. Since it would be time prohibitive to run best 2 of 3 for 16 teams, what if there were a 12 alliance playoff (of 2 teams each). Teams 1-4 get a bye the first round 5-12 play a single elimination round (like wildcard spots) then regular best 2-3 from there forward. This only adds 4 matches and keeps the same number of teams (24) participating as the prior format. Thoughts (like I have to ask…)?

I really like that idea as it allows more teams to play without spending a lot of extra time. I also like how it maintians the BO3, which i prefer to BO1 as mistakes are inevitable and only B03 takes them into consideration. Also, B03 is more suspenseful IMO that a single match.

I dont believe it would put them in worse position, because in both formats, those teams are going to face the same level. This would merely eliminate the bottom 4 seeds which would only win with some big problem that incapacitates a higher seed anyways. I like this because even though the BO3 may go to 3 matches, the caliber of the robots facing each other does not change, so most games will be played to 2 matches.



It also gives the last ranked team more of an elimination round experience (As the GDC said was one of the factors in the decision making) because they do not have to play the #1 ranked alliance first as they get to play the #5 rank.

@VEX GDC @Paul Copioli

This sounds like a proposal that gets the best of both worlds. More participation from all teams around, while maintaining the same level of competition that the current system has.

To take this one step further, the first round of this system could be best out of 1 match so it only adds an extra 4 matches while adding 4 teams.

Even if VEX/RECF is very serious about reducing the number of matches, this system with quarterfinals reduced to Bo1 as well would still be far better than the current proposed system in my opinion.

Bo1 Ro16 where Top 4 get a bye
Bo1 Ro8 (QF)
Bo3 Ro4 (SF)
Bo3 Ro2 (F)

I think I would prefer this system over previous years (although I would still prefer Bo3 quarters).
A similar system to this was run in VEXU in 2015 with great success in my opinion.

This only gives 17 matches at most (excluding ties), and will still be a far better determination of the best teams than the existing system. The only downside I see is that there will be four less alliances, but given the same number (24) of teams will make alliance selection as previous years this probably isn’t a big problem. Making alliance selection as the 16th ranked alliance only to get decimated by the first seed in a Bo1 probably isn’t all that enjoyable.

I like this setup more than the proposed one.





I’ve always been in support of this idea. Our Middle School state championship did 12 alliances of 2 and I wish that the 5-12 seeds would’ve been single elimination. While the 2 team alliances were great, the first round took a really long time to get through. I like the equivalent of a “play-in” match.