Alternate Gear kit, 24,48,72

I have an idea for a simple transmission, based on the idea that
12+84 = 36+60 = 60+36 = 84+12 =96
so these four speeds can be done
with only a motor axle and load (wheel) axle.
But these speeds may be too far apart 1,4,11,49, or x,1,2,4
Adding sizes 24,48,72 gears would help.
24+72=36+60=60+36=72+24=96 would give 1,2,3,5,9

I’m looking forward to seeing the new gear kit already mentioned being in development. Is there a preview anywhere?

There is currently no preview available. It will be released sometime next year.

There is currently no plan to release additional sizes of Vex spur gears. We will consider this in the future.

i think the current gear sizes are good. if you want more number try the sprockets, they come in 10,15,24,40, and 48
however i do look forward to rac&pinion, diferentials, and worm gears (if they will be included).
maybe even planetary gear?

I think the reasoning for the current gear sets is that the current gear set is designed around the 1/2" hole spacing. The current setup of gears allows for any two gears to be meshed together with the axles on 1/2" spacing. Meshing two 12 tooth gears places the axles at 1/2". Meshing a 12 and 36 tooth gear results in a 1" space. 36 tooth and 60 tooth have the axles 2" apart. I don’t know of any other gear sizes that are fully compatible with ALL the other gears. In other words, the number of teeth may be changed, but the gear radius must stay at integer multiples of 1/2" plus a 1/4" offset. Since that fixes the gear circumference, that also fixes the possible ratios.

A new set of gears would be nice, but not very usable with the existing set unless you used the slots in the angle pieces to mount the shafts. I think the current set of ratios is usable but requires a lot of space and hardware if you want an unusual ratio.


I was trying to say something similar.
24+72 gears or 48+48 should have the same axle spacing as 36+60.
The existing gears are odd multiples of 12 teeth, 121, 123,125…
My proposal was for even multiples of 12 teeth. 12
2, 12*4…
I see how they don’t mix well with the 1/2" hole spacing,
but instead are mutually exclusive.

but you are right that a mix of even and