Alternate Remote Controller

What is a semi cheap remote controller that can be used instead of the vex robotics? I ask this because during the RoboRescue SkillsUSA Competition a lot of people’s robots, that were using vex, were losing connection between remote and robot constantly.

I don’t believe there is a legal alternative to VEX controller and CPU if you are competing in a VEX event. I could be mistaken but I am almost positive that it is not legal to use something other than VEX. I have heard nothing about something else and have never seen it either.

As for the connection issues, if you are looking for a solution, there are a few things you can try. There have been a lot of disconnect threads throughout the history of this forum. Could you characterize the disconnects a little more? What did the lights on the cortex and controller look like? Would the robot slow down before the robot stopped?

Since this was last year i can’t remember exactly what i saw. But from what I was seeing people’s robots would be lit up with the proper green lights and then just suddenly disconnect and in like up to 15 sec it would reconnect. Some of the competitors had to ask the judge to intervene, to allow the competitor to rapid diagnostics. Most of them just switched out the battery. Which shouldn’t be the issue seeing as they were fully charged batteries, which shouldn’t be malfunctioning within 2 minutes. The lights on the cortex would be green and then start flashing the yellow lights, pretty sure its the lights for it trying to reconnect.

Now as for legal alternatives. Should I try using the 75 MHz Transmitter & Receiver or 2x VEXnet Key 2.0 sold by Vex robotics?

Also the building was a very open place consisting of other events as well, just some random info that may or may not help.

That sounds like a battery or VEXNet key connection. When one of those two get jostled, the robot loses connection and can’t move. However, it can usually be reconnected after a little while. Those are some pretty easy fixes that don’t require a huge revamping of the control system. It just requires some tape and rubber bands in most situations.

As far as this goes, I unfortunately don’t know a ton about either of them. I wouldn’t recommend these for the issues you described though because the disconnect issues are often a pretty simple fix with what you already have. There have been some forum posts already though about the new keys and firmware if you would like more info on those.

The problem is you are allotted 6 min to complete the task and a lot were disconnecting about 4-8 times so you are losing about 1-1.5 minutes of actual movement, which in this challenge, is way to high of a number. Just trying to figure out a way to get that time reduced.

It sounds like either a battery or a vexnet problem, just like Buy n Large said before. I would suggest switcing to the Vexnet 2.0 Keys. After you update firmware (wich is a little hard) the keys work very well. I would also suggest that you tape your keys to your cortex, because like buy n arge said earlier, shock really does effect your Vexkey’s connection. Also, as an extra measure, I would suggest that you replace and recharge every battery -including the backup- before and after every match. As for the competition, I’m thinking that you had allot of other frequencies that effected your bot. Make sure that all phones are on airplane mode, and wirless routers are turned off. If all else fails, I suggest hooking up a second battery through a power splitter.