alternate source for iq parts?

Am having problems getting parts orders filled from vex. We need axles, 1x beams, 2x beams, and gears.

Any other good places that will ship to ALL states in the US?

@turbodog – Resellers are pretty much regional limited, can you tell me what state and I can tell you the reseller. Axles, 1x, 2x beams and gears should be available from VEX. Full kits, motors, smart radios all have back orders as of 12/12/18. If you need a small selection of stuff that’s keeping you from building I’ll see if I have them in the big suitcase of spares and send them to you.

We are needing the long steel axle pack, long 1x beam pack, long 2x beam pack, and 24/48 tooth gear set.

According to robotmesh, only they and robotshop are stocking dealers. All others drop ship from vex. Robotmesh does not ship to the southern USA and robotshop does not have all the items we need.