Alternate to LED indicators

Has anyone found a good alternative to the LED indicators? My students break them constantly, and I’m sick of buying $100 of LED’s every 6 months. I’ve tried making my own, and they work, but it takes a VERY long time to do them one by one. Does anyone sell anything more durable that fits?

What are the LED indicators used for?

Assuming you are talking about 3-wire LEDs for Cortex or V5, how do they break? Do the

LEDs that vex sells simply have some built-in resistance to work with 5v. You can use 12v LEDs as well - they just won’t be as bright.

Along with some Dupont pins and a crimping tool it will still be cheaper than any vex offering.


Yeah I have the crimping tool and the pins, I’m just not very good at using them, I guess. It takes me forever to get them aligned and set in the plastic boxes for them to plug in easily. I’m starting from standard 2 leg LED’s though, so maybe the wired ones will work better.