Alternative Change Up Balls?

I’ve seen a lot of 3d printed balls, but what if you’re a broke boi and don’t have access to 3D printers.

There’s been quite a bit of reveals with rhino skin dodgeballs as well, but I’m not totally sure about how they vary since they compress a weigh noticeably less than 168g. Inflatable balls also share the same issue… Any suggestions?


If you don’t have access to a 3d printer, these are better than nothing until the ones you ordered come in. In most cases using these won’t make enough of a difference to require a difficult change to your bot when you get to test it with the official ones. Keep in mind a 3d printed one will not be exactly the same as the official product either.


if you have access to gateway balls, I believe they’re basically the same thing. I’m not certain though, because I don’t have access to gateway balls.

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Gateway balls. Hmmmm. Thank you. I will see if I have anything close to that.

Here’s the relevant page from Gateway Appendix A:

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So Gateway balls are a bit smaller, not dimpled, and about 60g lighter, but probably a decent analog until you can get a hold of the real things.


Thank you! I might buy one.

These are on amazon and they have the same weight and size: Amazon

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Lol. Thank you.