Alternative for flywheel flexwheel?

Hello people of the forums,
My team’s flywheel currently is a traction wheel with rubber bands on it, but every time it shoots, it degrades the bands to the point where they are snapping all over the place. Our club doesn’t have any 4" flexwheels, and switching to a 3" would be too tough regarding the spacing of the launcher right now. What are some ways that we could either reinforce or stop the bands from snapping? Is there an alternative we can do?
Here it is right now for context:

The wheel itself will launch discs reliably, consistently, and a long way. Take all the mess off, fit a new/balanced/good wheel, and adjust the clearances slightly to account for the slightly smaller diameter. No problems.


So the divots and such in the wheel won’t be a problem?

If you are talking about the existing wheel with the compression marks from the zip ties, yes this will probably be an issue, mainly from the balance issues it probably brings.

Find another clean/balanced wheel and use it. We are seeing 14’ launches with a single wheel like you are using at 4200 rpm. Try to run at 2400-3000 rpm.

I agree with this, and the velocity value is about 75-80% for good close-up shots in our experience.

A normal traction wheel will be absolutely ok even with the divots etc.

Alright, thank you @turbodog and @15545G-SC.


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