Alternative to calibration?

Is it possible to dodge the 2 second calibration of the inertial sensor by simply calling some function to set it to 0 or another starting value? It would be nice to not have to spend 2 seconds of an auton routine for this. We have seen some functions like setOrientation and wondered if this could be used. Thanks!

The inertial sensor needs the calibration period for the gyroscope to "establish its reference point". You can do this calibration step before autonomous in the disabled period (this happens when you start your program, plug in the controller and the field mode is in disabled). For how exactly you would do this, it depends on your programming environment (PROS or VexCode).


In VEXcode V5 Text, you could do this by putting the calibration code in the pre_auton function generated by the competition template (or just put it at the beginning of main - pre_auton is just a function that gets called near the beginning of main).