Alternative Ways to Change a Vex V5 Controller


So we have 2 different controllers, but both of the usb ports have broken on both of them. Does the controller charge when plugged into the brain, or do we have to buy new ones?

I would recommend going to Vex for service rather than replacing the controllers outright. In my experience, they have reasonable rates and timing but if you still have tournaments this season, you might need them back faster than Vex can provide.


Yes, contacting vex support to get it replaced or repaired is the only VRC legal way to fix it.

However, if this is not competition hardware (i.e. a classroom kit), then it is not that hard to fix it for somebody with good soldering skills.

I have successfully repaired a dozen of various mini- and micro-usb ports. All you need is a soldering station with hot air gun and temperature control and plenty of good soldering flux.

And, if re-soldering of the original microusb connector is not possible, then there is always an option to solder a 2-pin jst connector pigtail to the usb power input traces on the controller’s PCB and have it plugged into its counterpart connected to a usb wire for charging.


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