Alternative Worlds Skills Qualification

So I just had one question regarding qualifying for worlds though skills at the state level. Virginia is allowed to send 13 teams to worlds. However, there are only 9 awards that directly qualify for worlds, leaving 4 slots open. I have heard those 4 slots will be determined through skills scores and that sounds logical. Assuming those 4 slots will be taken by skills, will they go to to the top 4 skills scores, or will they go to the top 4 skills scores out of teams that haven’t qualified by an award?

Thank you all so much,

Thanks for the question. Please contact your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager for more details on how spots to VEX Worlds will be determined. Skills Challenge spots for VEX Worlds, from a state/region, will be given to the top ranked non-qualified teams in that state. Worlds/Global Robot Skills top 50 go to the top 50 ranked teams, regardless of their qualification status.