Alternatives for metal

Trying to make a forclift. R there other alternatives to metal like plastic or glass that we can use so that we dont scratch the table.

Are you making it for competition, or a a real-world task?

If it’s competition, polycarbonate (plastic) works well as an alternative for metal. Or you can smooth the metal. On the competition field, metal doesn’t scratch the foam tiles much. We used a metal forklift 2 years ago (see in the picture), and it didn’t damage the field.

The same applies to real-world application, although outside of competition you are not limited to polycarbonate. Most kinds of plastic will do.

You can also install spacers/collars to act as rollers, preventing you from scratching the ground. you can also add tape to remove sharp edges(outside competition)

Thanks for the info and pic. One question though where did u find or what did u search to get polycarbonite.

Our team covered our tables in cheap hard board, so we don’t have to worry about scratching them. The cheaper option we had used previously was just to work on card board boxes on the table.

Polycarbonate is commonly used by teams in the VRC, so that’s why I suggested it. I haven’t found a good shopping result for a VEX-legal sheet (24"x12"x0.063") but hopefully one of the other users can provide one.

Check your local plastic vendors to see if you can get them to sponsor you; or you can go to McMaster-Carr:

Make sure you select no thicker than 1/16 in. for thickness and also the corresponding length and width (even though that’s not that big of a deal since you don’t have to use up all 12’’ x 24’’).

Also, if you want other VEX supplies (screws, nuts, etc.) in bulk you can also look for them on McMaster-Carr.

Hope this helps.

McMaster-Carr sells 1/16" Polycarbonate Sheeting here.