Alternatives to intake flaps?

I’m designing an intake system utilizing a ramp that feeds the ball up into a flywheel launching system (I’m looking into a pneumatic application, but flywheels are what I have for the moment), but my team does not currently have intake flaps on hand. I’m wondering if there are any good alternatives for a conveyor belt sort of system? I’m considering bending some aluminum and attempting to rig it along chain mesh somehow.

Any help would be appreciated.

My team just uses the normal black chain on the right and left side. It works well if you put a sheet of metal behind the length of the chain and space them 4" apart. I have also seen many teams use the wide green chain on the top and a sheet of metal on the bottom.

Are you trying to get the ball up a ramp or to it then go up?

Thanks for the reply, we actually found where our old intake flaps were, so we are able to use those. Also, we’re moving the ball up a ramp into the launching mechanism.

I have seen my team use zip ties for alternative flaps. Even though they are smaller and thinner than actual flaps they work just fine with the vex balls.

Please be careful in regards to <S1> if you pursue this design. I could see a ball getting stuck in between a metal plate and the field surface, and the metal then puncturing the ball. (I picture your design having the typical intake flaps being metal, correct me if I am wrong)

Sorry for the slow reply g_sawchuk, but yes, that’s what I imagined. At this point Ive got intake flaps that work so I’ve avoided the issue though. Thanks for the input!