Aluminium in Packs

Vex sells lots of packs of parts, which is really handy for simplifying orders and making sure that you don’t forget to get something quite crucial for building your robot (*cough delrin flats). However, for teams like us, who skipped steel and went straight to aluminium, quite a few of the packs are unsuitable because they have steel kits rather than aluminium.

For example, the Tri-Pack Bundle would be great for us because it has the advanced motion and advanced hardware kits, but unfortunately because it has the advanced metal kit (which has steel) rather than an aluminium equivalent, we can’t get it (i.e. it wouldn’t make financial sense for us to get it). Other examples include the Booster Kit and the Competition Upgrade Kit.

We know some things only come in steel (such as gussets, linear slides, etc.) for very good reasons - but parts that do have aluminium equivalents, such as bumpers, c-channels, bars, plates, etc. could be replaced in these kits with aluminium.

We know that Aluminium is a bit more expensive than steel, so perhaps would it be possible to have two types of tri-pack bundles (and other bundles that have metal kits), a steel one and an aluminium one, with the aluminium one costing slightly more?

Thanks for your time!

Just a quick note – the basic kits have steel structural parts with a zinc coating to prevent rust. Both structural component types are metal: steel and aluminum.

Sorry, didn’t think it through when typing. Pretty much every time I said metal, I meant steel. I’ll edit the post now - thanks Rick!