Aluminum Screws & Nuts vs Nylon Screws and Nuts

So I was wondering, which type of screw and nut would be the best for reducing as much weight as possible and being a good choice for structure. Such as should I use nylon screws and Nuts for holding on bearing flats or aluminum screws and Nuts? I’m already going to be using thin nylocks instead of regular nylocks so it’s just the nylon vs aluminum debate. Thanks

  • Evan

I’d probably stick to nylon screws/nuts only for bearings, and aluminum for structural. In addition, I would also keep steel screws for joints like the ones on a dr4b, as those have immense amounts of stress put onto them, and aluminum screws will probably bend over time in those places.

Aluminium screws for metal on metal contact, Nylon screws on bearings or anything that needs to be realtively light ( such as the intake), and Metal for more advanced joints and anything that is expected to take the most stress. Also, for aluminium screws, make sure to not over tighten the screw head as those can be easily snapped off and can get bent out of shape.

Personally, I wouldn’t use either at all. Stripping screws is such a pain.

How I use them

  • Steel: screw joints, extremely important screws (like when you can’t use more then one to fasten something) , and replacement for any aluminum screw that breaks
  • Aluminum: most structural connections and most bearings
  • Nylon: where utmost lightness is needed and bearings taking little load