Aluminum sizing

In the inventor KOP, the center hole of the c-channels is not perfectly centered, so if you flip it over lengthwise, the holes are in a different place. Also, the thickness is .063, but the website says that it’s .064. The maximum width of the c-channel is .563, and the center of the hole is .25" from the tip of the flange.
Can anyone confirm this or tell me what the dimensions really are? Thanks.

Which part exactly are you working with? (1x2x1 etc.)

On the thickness being 0.063 or 0.064 inch, remember all real parts are made with a tolerance specification. I don’t think 1/1000 of an inch will matter. See tolerances here (this is old, may have been superseded).


1x2x1 and 1x5x1. the holes seem to be asymmetrical even in the pdf.

I know of this part and yes it’s messed up. Idk what to do about it tho. Someone needs to fix it.

Here it is, complete with cutting rules.
1x2x1x35 c-channel fixed.ipt (1.37 MB)

these dimensions are correct, the width is .563.