Aluminum Slotted Angles

We really like using the VEX Slotted Angles, but sometimes we wish they were a bit lighter. Are there any plans on the table in the near future to introduce an aluminum version of this part?

To me they are too flimsy. I know what you use them for is for scissor lifts but changing them to aluminum would just make than even more weak.

Maybe if they made an aluminum c-channel version. . .

If you were to use them for a scissor lift i’d agree with tutman96. We found that aluminum c-channel and aluminum angled pieces did the job pretty well (with some elastic of course) when it came to a scissor lift with weight on it .

What The VEX Raptors use the slot angle for the top and bottom instead of the linear sliders.

Do they have any other uses other then for the scissor lifts? I’ve personally never found another use for them…

Would be excellent to give rigidity and strength to polycarbonate mechanisms without the weight of the steel, e.g. pancake flippers on the end of arms. Also good for attaching those mechanisms to gears/sprockets.

No, we used linear slides. But the lift itself was made of slotted angles.

They did bend occasionally, but for the most part they were good. Our application for them this year should be less straining though.

It makes it really easy to mount anything at a specific angle or with slight variations, like the NZ manipulators or drivetrains