Am I allowed to be on more than one vex team?

This year my school neglected to let me participate in vex but they are allowing us to do one TSA competition which is virtual. am I allowed to be on my school team and my independent team which I made because the school neglected to let me participate?

No. That would be in violation of rule G6, which states:


I am not really sure if that applies to TSA competitions? They don’t really use the same rules as standard VRC.

I would believe either way.

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If you are a middle school student, maybe you can compete in VEX IQ and VRC.

I think that this would fall under <G6> a. which states that team members may move from one team to another for non-strategic reasons outside of the team’s control.

given that you have not yet even participated under your school’s team, I hardly think that competing under your independent team could be considered a strategic team shift within your control. that said, you cannot shift back and forth between these teams. if both teams are able to compete, you’d have to stick to one.


Thats not true. TSA and VRC RECF competitions are completely different. You can be on a TSA team as well as an independent VRC RECF team. I am 95% sure. We have kids in our school that do TSA and a different VRC team. My school doesn’t have a VRC team, so how would TSA just be a layer on top?

For TSA, I am 2152-901. For Vex, I am 91A. Completely different.

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The TSA events are also run completely differently. The skills format for ranking, the 1v1 eliminations. That is just the differences I have picked up over the years without ever being involved in TSA.


President of my TSA Chapter(Big flex, I know). They are completely different. Some states/regions don’t even require that you use Vex components some times. Really weird but it happens.