Am I allowed to scorer in the middle tower during autonomous as long as I don't pass the line?

Am I allowed to scorer in the middle tower during autonomous as long as I don’t pass the line? Just wondering because our robot design is a tray that has arms that can score theoretically without passing the line.

All questions of legality aside, why would you score towers in auton? That means you’ll be stacking less cubes than your opponents, which means tgat tower will just benefit them.


Yeah, it’s legal.

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I believe that as long as the majority of the robot is on your side you will be fine

If your robot is not directly or indirectly touching any of the foam tiles on the other side and if you don’t even slightly push any cubes to the other sides, then its perfectly legal.


Not really, if your robot is contacting the opposing foam tiles, or any thing else in the game manual, it does not matter about “majority of the robot”.

The rules say do make contact with opposing foam tiles during autonomous … and other considerations.


SG2 says if you contact or affect anything on the other side of the field, you forfeit auton. This doesn’t include towers or cubes touching the auton line, they are legal for either team to touch.


However, you do need to be careful because if you knock a cube onto the other side according to the official q + a you will be dq’ed from auton


I know about this ruling, I just can’t find it again. Do you have the link to the ruling?

Maybe you are looking for this one:

“dq’d from auton” is a potentially confusing or misleading term. If you push a cube across the line during the autonomous period, you will most likely lose autonomous, but not be disqualified.

Per <SG2>, you will only be disqualified if the crossing is “intentional, strategic, or egregious”.


The way I read the ruling is that if blue knocks a cube into the red side, it is only an issue if it actually interferes with red’s auton. SG7 talks about using cubes to interfere with the opponent’s auton. So I don’t believe that knocking a cube into you opponent’s side is, in and of itself, a violation. However, teams are walking a fine line if their autonomous does it repeatedly. As for the OP, yes it is legal to score in the middle tower in auton as long as no other rules are violated.

This Q&A entry indicates otherwise:

Causing Cubes to interact with foam tiles, Towers, or Cubes on the opposing Alliance’s side of the Autonomous Line would be considered a violation of SG2 via SG7.


Point taken. I was reading it differently at first.