Am i the hero??

Ever since i’ve posted in the chit-chat thread besides my polls ppl have become more open about everyday things i think im the hero who brought the chit-chat section to a whole new lvl
(when i came only 3 articles now its more than 20)
with ppl sharing more funny jokes and info

note:i do not vote in this one just want ur opinion

yeah i guess you did (except for the mt dew lol).

um, i guess you’ve brought up some funny topics, but i dont think i can go as far as calling you the hero…:slight_smile:

You have definately got people talking about other things and not being so serious about nothing but robotics all the time. I take the time to read the chiat-chat becasue thats were people are themselves.

i voted no just because you considered yourself a hero without anyones opinion…
and because personally i dont care about the chit chat section, personally i think its stupid but thats just my opinion…


I could see why you chose to do that and it makes perfect sense it just differs person to person. No one is right and no one is wrong.

You did bring some iteresting topics into affect, but they made the people of the forum get off topic more in the robotics part of the forum (i.e. Technical discussion)

:slight_smile: i was just wondering if anyone liked my threads on chit-chat
ty for youor opinion

I believe you did start it off real well, though “hero” is a big word.
I know I had stared a few chit-chats before you, and so did many others.
You played a big role, though you notice, “hero” isn’t one of my words of choice.

I’ve still been trying to decide whether or not I like the chit-chat section of this forum or not. Basically whether or not it contributes anything. Besides that though you certainly have increased it’s activity.

These chit-chat things annoy the bejeezus out of me. They constantly show up as new posts or as threads that have been updated since I last looked them, and thereby clutter up my view of the things I really want to see.

Then, to remove the clutter I have to open them and close them again. That lsts for a couple of hours until more non-Vex chit-chat shows up…

I know that is exactly what the Chit-Chat threads are for; but that doesn’t mean they don’t waste my time every day. If you never started another one, I would be thankful.

You asked for my opinion, that is it. Someday I’m going to look for an “Ignore all Chit-Chat” control in my profile. If I’m really lucky I’ll find one and be able to filter out the Chit-Chat. I would have looked already if I were at all optimistic about finding one.


I agree. For me, they are a nuisance. I wish there were a way to block them out without completely removing the section from the forum.

Last night I couldn’t think up the right words to express this thought - My statement above about never starting another chit-chat is not 100% true.

Chit-Chat about favorite soft drinks and TV shows is not why I invest time in the Vexlabs forum and it’s threads; but Chit-Chat about Vex things shouldn’t be irritating.

I hope that you can apply your interest in stimulating “conversation” to the many possbile subjects that are connected to Vex-based Robotics.

Sound better?


yeah, but chit chat is for all unrelated things to vex robotics. But i agree that there should be an ignore button, but more relisticaly have it not appear on the portal at all.

From now on, Chit-Chat posts will no longer appear on the main portal page. I forgot to turn this feature on when we had the forum created.


i relate this stuff to vex because i build vex while i watch AMV’s, tv shows, listen to music, drink soda, eat snacks and all this stuff helps me concentrate so pretty much its related because it fills my needs for thinking and i like others opinions which r pretty interesting sometimes