Am I the only one with this idea?

My team decided to make a new robot in two weeks. But… This is our 3rd to last competition and my team is thinking about a slingshot for our endgame instead of a rubber band getting launched that the string is attached to. I was wondering if anyone else also has an idea similar to this and my team needs all the help we can get because this is my teams first year but our robot is looking a lot better than how it started as.

Here is an example of what you might be talking about:

It basically uses the rubber band to “slingshot” the payload across the field. One think you will need to change is the string thickness, because this was made before the change in the game manual.

As a first year, my team thought up many things. This included a mini-bot and shooting out a wheel through our launcher…

However, I don’t think what you’re doing could be too hard to do. Maybe a way to push back the rubber bands with the pneumatics and release them? That would be a fun, and, honestly, not bad idea.

Uh, my team had an early draft of an idea similar to this. Basically, we had a linear slide with a rubber band strung between two points similar to a crossbow. Our payload was a truck which had a screw on the back to catch the rubber band along with holding the string. Launching consisted of mounting the truck on the slide and pulling back until about 3 holes were left of space. An axle with a gear on top was placed as a sort of firing pin which would be triggered by a direct drive cam which pushed the gear up and released the truck. The problem with doing that was that the firing pin fell out a lot which resulted in moderate bruises on most of my team members.

Hope this helps!

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