am I too late

so, last week i realized that vex competitions were a thing, and my parents have decided to fund $500 a week, starting now, for me to use to buy parts to compete with. But i need to know, is it too late for me to ever have a chance to get into worlds? (yes I know that extremely unlikely) can I even compete? or am I too late?

No, absolutely not too late. State/regional/provincial tournaments (the primary stepping stone to Worlds) aren’t until February-March, so enter a state-qualifying competition between now and then, and you still would be good for Worlds.

Thanks! So, seeing as I’m a noob, can you help me find some compititions? My zip code is 80111 and I’m in Denver

I would suggest joining a team for your first year, it will be REALLY hard to get past local competitions without mentors that have experience in vex

You can look at the robot events website for Colorado.

It’s certainly not too late to get started. One challenge might be finding a tournament that still has openings for your team. My biggest suggestion: start simple, like a simple pushbot, and get good at driving and programming it before you try anything more complicated. Plus, have fun. Don’t worry so much about winning or getting to Worlds.

There is also a map function that you can filter for your location, etc.

Awesome! thanks for all the support, you guys are awesome!

I’m in Denver too! Welcome to the community! We’ll definitely be seeing you around. We actually haven’t had any competitions yet, so you’re still fine on that end. Not too late at all.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me.

How do I pm?

During my first year of robotics, our team started building around this time and we had an okay robot throughout the season of Toss Up. Somehow we miraculously won the WA State Championship as the first seed, qualifying for Worlds. You never know what can happen :slight_smile: Just don’t give up and persevere even if the odds are against you!

If you discover that all the events are full, you might try calling or emailing the event partner listed on the event page on and seeing if they can fit you in. I know some event partners set the maximum a bit lower than they can handle so they can manually load teams that are helping out at the end. If those teams have already signed up, they may be able to fit you in.

Event partners and the community at large want more people involved. Good luck.