Amazing Motor Screw Alternative

These are the ones to attach motors to metal correct? Also, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!! I hate those golden screws. They are AWFUL

These are the ones to attach motors to metal correct? Also, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!! I hate those golden screws. They are AWFUL

I also just wanted to post a link that was on a previous thread. These are screws for the actual assembly of the motors. One is for the regular case and one is longer for IME’s. Those Philips screws that VEX sells strip by opening the motor like twice.

We are switching over to these: Same as what @Coffee suggested but 18-8 stainless which makes them strong and also unlikely to strip (assuming the black ones are Grade 2) and won’t corrode. I generally prefer stainless, but shouldn’t really matter in this application. A challenge is that they are easier to confuse with the regular Torx screws (since they are not black) but we put thread locker on them anyway (like the gold screws from Vex) which makes the difference more obvious.

These are the T15. VEX sells T15 and T8 screwdrivers. Aren’t these the ones that would fit into bolts and not into screws. Or is that just the size of the screw head.

Awesome! I was wondering if there were star screws around to replace those golden screws but hadn’t gotten around to searching yet. Thanks!

T-8 is the size of the star itself and the screw driver used. In this example, a T-15 driver can be used for both the regular and motor screws. The much smaller T-8 drivers from Vex are only used for the star (Torx) couplers from what I can tell.

As for screw size, Vex standard is 8-32 and the motors use 6-32. The two numbers represent the diameter and thread count/pitch. For example, you can also find screws/nuts with 24 thread count (considered coarse) at places like Home Depot, which will not fit with the standard parts.

The couplers are 8-32 in size, but since they have no head on them, you can’t fit a T-15 star, hence the need for the T-8.

Oh that makes sense. Thank you. I was hoping that I would have some use for the T8 that I ordered last year but I guess not.

Thanks for posting these links. It’s great to hear these replacement screws have been deemed legal.

No Problem. Also @Coffee , I love your about me thing: “Before I criticize a man, I like to walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when I do criticize him, I’m a mile away and I have his shoes.” LOL

Many teams (including us) remove the screws from motor casings and just zip tie it. The big advantage is that when switching gear configurations or having to replace a motor you do not need to unscrew the motor from the robot which saves tons of time.

Thanks for posting this.

We were frustrated that the original screws strip so easily.

Does anyone know the replacement screw size for the battery compartment on the joystick? Those are stripping as well.

Just buy a new joystick for the screw duh

Yeah of course!

I don’t know the screw size, but I suggest using a rubber band to hold it closed. It really helps save time when changing batteries.

Get a long yellow motor screw and tighten it super tight it will not go in all the way, but it will hold it on your controller

So @bwilfong2018 either, A. You now work for VEX or you get a % of the money spent on for extraneous purchases or B. You forget that PT doesn’t have TC Bucks. (Wink-WInk).

PigPen did that this year, but I’m not sure I want all my teams doing that.

I believe the two screws have different thread pitches even though the diameter of the screws are the same.

Just use a piece of electrical tape to hold the battery cover closed.

Why? Did it cause that many problems? :wink:

Any reason why these would not also suffice? They are not stainless steel but they are substantially cheaper.