American Flag For Brain Screen

I currently was using a Micro SD for uploading an image of our school’s mascot during matches. And it worked nicely, and it looked pretty cool. But we want to do an American Flag for both the Create U.S. Open and Worlds. Does anyone have an American Flag image that meets the parameters set found on this website?

If not, it’s not a big deal. I just figured I’d ask around and see if someone already had one we could use.

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Be careful of what images you load up on your brain screen - be sure it is appropriate.

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I agree with that statement, but I fail to see how it is applicable to an american flag.

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^^^ As long as it is not displayed in an inappropriate matter (Which I would think would be very hard to even try to do on the V5), an American flag is a great thing to display at competitions, and would be really cool at VEX Worlds!

Try this:
I’m pretty sure this is a png. Thats what it saved as on my comp.

I’m just a simple, American Flag. I don’t think anyone should be offended by it. I just need a normal American Flag within the size limit, file type, and file size so it works on our V5 brain.

You can alter the image size in photoshop under the image tab

Is this within the file dimensions and restrictions?

Could you post an example of the code you are using to post the image on your screen? I’d love to give it a try!

That’s not a real American Flag. This is:



Some consider the Confederate battle flag to be an American flag.

just saying…


that would definitely be a bad idea to display on the brain…

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Yes, it is. I think so, at least xD @5SRobotics
I’m aware the proportions don’t match exactly according to a legal American flag. That was just the first one I found @Rick_TYler

This is what I am using.

bool vex::brain::lcd::drawImageFromFile ( const char * name, int x, int y)

You can input your X, Y values to center the image. Also, this goes in your pre auton if you want it in matches.

The problem really isn’t the proportions, it’s that the stars are arranged incorrectly.

@5SRobotics What coding studio are you using? (Please don’t say VCS)


Here is one perfectly proportioned that I resized.

Wait minute PS did a dumb thing brb

:slight_smile: I wasn’t meaning the ACTUAL dimensions of the TECHNICAL American Flag. I was just wondering about the dimensions to be able to be displayed on the screen.

RMS C++ (Robot Mesh)

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