American Flag For Brain Screen

Is it in the file size requirements? And is it a PNG?


This one will fit the V5 screen


Fits requirements, and is PNG.

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Sweet, thanks for the help and quick response!

At a tournament earlier this season I saw someone that did exactly that…

Ah jeez bad idea.

is this possible on vcs?

You think the American Flag is a bad idea? I’ve seen plenty of teams do it already this year in my region.

I think he was saying the Confederate would be a bad idea in reply to @lacsap , which you never intended to do.

OOHH, yes! That might not be a good idea.

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Correct - it is just once people start putting images up during competition you will have to be careful what you choose.

Sorry about the confusion.


The area of Brain LCD available to user programs is 480px wide by 240px tall. (There’s an extra 32px across the top that VEXos reserves for itself, too.)

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