Ampersand (&) prevents program from downloading

If I include an ampersand (& symbol) in a program filename in VEXcode IQ Blocks, downloading or running the program fails. Once I remove that symbol, it works fine.

Is this a PSA or are you asking why this is happening?


Just sharing that this is a bug in the software. I hadn’t seen it posted here and it stumped me for a bit.

Well, & is a special character and it is generally bad practice to use it (and other special characters) in file names.
Some programs like MatLab won’t even run files with spaces in the file name!


Yep. This is a bug… we’ll get it fixed in the next version. Thanks for reporting!

By fixed, I mean we’ll likely just prevent a user from putting an ampersand in a file name…


Good point! My son named the file while we were initially testing things… not a symbol I’d generally use in a filename.