An Idea

I was thinking about the game this year and irrelevant parts that are not used often anymore. I was thinking that teams should be able to use 12 motors and also have 2 servos or 10motors pneumatics and 2 servos. I feel like this will close the gap and allow the older bots to compete with the new system. I believe servos are an essential part of robotics and would allow for more creative designs. Sorry, I brought this up so late in the season. What do you guys think of this idea?

I would go the other way. 4 motors and maybe 6 to 8 servos. You don’t see really great engineering until the resources are limited, and for the last several years there has been enough power to do everything at the same time. I would like design constraints that made transmissions and connected mechanisms necessary if you really want to score everything.

I agree, go the FRC route. You don’t see teams using CIM motors for everything. You see some CIMs, minicims, some teams opt to go with 775s, BAG motors, a large variety of different actuators, to go along with their robot requirements.