An interesting skills score

Well this is interesting…
This is where it happened
Someone got a score of exactly 200 in driver, and with the same skilled robot, got a 25 in programming. This totals to beat the #1 team 6135W by a clean 1 point.
Although this doesn’t concern who goes to worlds, since the cutoff was weeks ago, I feel like there is reasonable reason to draw suspicion to this. Thoughts?

I think someone entered the score wrong, and whether intentional or not, this needs to be fixed because a 200 driver is impossible in the time limit.

It’s probably just a mistaken entry.

200 would require 50 cones while simultaneously scoring all the mobile goals. Or 49 cones and a park, but that’s likely harder.

So it’s more likely an error.

That is probably correct. Although I find it hard to imagine, being someone who has entered skills, to make a typo this extremely significant. I know accusing people of cheating to be the best in the world is a big deal, but it is on the table for something like that to happen. In addition, the chance of a typo beating the #1 in the world by exactly one is pretty low.

If the team involved just says it’s a mistake, i’d believe them though.

I fully agree with what you said. However, I don’t want to accuse someone of cheating without proper evidence. As of now, I will say that 200 is not that hard of a number to have a typo with. The score could have easily been 100 or something of the like. The reason I say this is because there was one significant mix up in the math for one of our school’s sports teams that shouldn’t be messed up. All this said, however, I would certainly not be surprised if this was proven to be intentional.

Yeah it’s always a good idea to be hesitant. May I ask if you’ve dealt with the Tournament Manager Software before? You put in the mogos in 20, mogos in 10, mogos in 5, cones stacked, and if they parked. That’s why I’m skeptical how a typo can happen, since you would have to put in a bunch of cones by accident, then have it exactly be 200, then not notice and change it when looking at the rankings.
Still not enough evidence to be sure though ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Looks like it does affect who goes to worlds if it is corrected to a much lower score outside of the top 35. #36 would get an invite to worlds. It should be corrected ASAP.

The cutoff in deciding who goes to worlds via the top 35 in the world method happened weeks ago. I forget the date. It is still important to correct though because being #1 in skills pre-worlds is a pretty big honor.

I’d hate to be that #36 though… does someone know who’s in charge of this stuff and can tag them?

I know them, but don’t worry, this should be removed soon.

Hopefully they fix this, but the good news is that #36 is unaffected. They were the California State Champions in norcal so they’ve been signed up for worlds for a while now anyways.

I deleted my post for clarification first.

There were only 15 teams at the event, shouldn’t have counted anyway…???

FYI, it’s being looked into.

This is weird, you would need some insane driving abilities to do this.

It is not uncommon to see organisers keying in the wrong marks. It happened before, especially in previous Seasons.
I really don’t think there is any real intention to cheat. The team involved may not even have any idea what was the scores that was keyed in.

But what the team involved should do now (if they are in the forum) is to own up the mistake, so that the EP can go in and update the score.

In previous seasons, sometimes it ended up ugly - teams involved refused to own up and EPs had no recollections of what happened and it affected some teams worlds qualifications, etc…

It’s not driving, the physical limitations of a perfect robot run perfectly (I mean one that is made legally for VEX but by aliens with intellects the likes of which we cannot comprehend, driven by the same level of pure intellect and mental processing power) would prevent a score higher than 160 or so, I’d say. Humans would not even get close to that.

Is there a rule that says skill scores only count if there’s a certain amount teams at an event? Just curious, thanks!

All official worlds qualifying events, including skills only events, must have at least 16 teams.

Just curious, where does it say that?