Analyzing our awards post WRC- 599 Robodox

Today two new awards were added to the team’s shelf: the Build Award and the Teamwork Award. This was the 3rd time that the team brought home an award from the World Championships in the 4 times that the team attended. The Teamwork Award was won for the very first time in the team’s history and truly culminates the season. In the words of our coach, “It was all worth it.”
“If VEX is a disease, these guys have got it bad.” Our teamwork this season revolved around one of our sub-teams: B Team. Our submission reflected the toils of B Team, the team that didn’t make it to worlds. Of course, our team is doctor themed so the actions of B Team very nicely fit in with our image and were analogous to that of a retrovirus, I’ll let you read about it ;). To top it off, a bit of a bureaucratic conflict made it such that only seniors could attend the World Championships due to testing. Our team rallied together to prepare our 6 seniors for running 2 teams, only 3 of whom had actually worked on VEX at all this season. Thus, the Teamwork Award was born.
Every team showed up with a well-designed and built robot. Almost every team had a decent engineering notebook. A large amount of teams had CAD models of their robot. Few teams had shifting transmissions. Perhaps a pinch of teams had a Bill of Materials with Cost of their robot. 599D had all of this. In addition to fitting an objective criteria for the award, 599D performed extremely well in competition and represented a well built robot with a robust design. They even ended up making it to the quarterfinals as 1st pick of the 8th seeded alliance.
I hope that this post-Worlds review of our team behind the awards will aid other teams in understanding how the judges pick the winners or even help see what an example of a winning essay submission looks like (I know I certainly had no clue how to write the essay). Of course if you have any questions or would like to know more, feel free to ask below or PM me!
Perhaps next year our administration will let more of our team go to the competition :stuck_out_tongue:
Robotics- The Retrovirus.pdf (89.1 KB)

Congratulations again on your awards and thanks for posting your essay. Our team can relate as we too competed at your skills challenge with the hopes of improving our programing skills rankings.

We had scored a 125 already, but knew the robot could do 135, as it had many times in the lab. Unfortunately we bested at 75 that day. Our whole team appreciated that you put on this competition, the second one for 599 this season, immediately after bagging your FRC bot.

Looking forward to competing with/against 599 in the Fall.

Thank you for sharing ! Its great to see teams who win awards share their path to success.

Thanks for your comments! I hope that I’ve helped other teams as well, I know that my team’s experiences are certainly relatable and probably experienced by many others who just didn’t submit for the awards.