Ancient Archive - 2009 VRC Worlds Finals

I’ve rediscovered an ancient file on my DVR – 7 hours of high-quality footage broadcast from the Inaguaral 2009 VRC Worlds (Elevation) event, including 6 hours of finals matches. Something tells me that this file might mean something to someone here, especially RECF folks and/or “legacy” teams like Green Eggs, Spurflys, Elco, Exothermics, etc. I’m wondering:

  1. Does anyone have use for it?
  2. If so, does anyone know of a way to cheaply transfer it to a more usable format? I have virtually no technology tools, so I’d probably need to buy a (low-end) video capture card for $50, something which I’m unlikely to use after this project.

There’s a bit of guilt and unease associated with just deleting it from the DVR. If archives of these matches are available elsewhere, I’ll won’t feel any regret about letting it go.

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What kind of DVR? If it is a TiVO it could be trivial to transfer digitally and not go through video capture.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind watching myself drive in these matches again. Good memories. :slight_smile:

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Yes I too would like this. I have HDMI capture tools up to the task if I could physically have the DVR for a few days.

It’s not TIVO – the DVR comes with Dish. Since there’s interest, I won’t delete it, but will see if I can rustle up the right capture equipment. It might take some time, as I have other projects that are higher up on the list, but I’ll PM the folks who responded here when it’s ready. Cody, if you’re ever passing through town, it’s yours (the file, not the DVR).

I’m pretty interested in getting a hold of that file even though I’m relatively new to Vex. If you have an Xbox One, you can use that. Connect it to your DVR, and then stream the TV to a a Win10 pc. Record it with the built in Win10 recording. (Windows Button + G). That’s how I (think) I recorded the ESPN2 thing. Although it wasn’t the best quality with frame stutter and momentary blackouts. A wired capture card would most definitely be a better option.

I would like to see these matches, always love to see the oldies.

My son (with proper equipment) has volunteered to do the transfer, but his location and availability are unpredictable. It’ll get done, but may take some time. Again, I’ll PM everyone who expressed interest when it’s done.


Thanks for the offer. I don’t drive so no-go.

I own two of Blackmagic’s Ultrastudio Mini Recorders as well as two HDMI splitters which remove the HDCP copyright protection BS.

The capture box uses Thunderbolt, which I normally hook up to my Macbook Pro.

If you have a Thunderbolt capable device I can send one of the boxes your way to borrow.

The process isn’t crazy complicated, but it is a little involved. You’ll need to hook up the DVR to the splitter and the splitter to the capture box and the capture box to a computer via Thunderbolt. Once connected you’ll need the driver as well as Open Broadcast Studio. OBS will do the encoding and actual capture.

If you are willing I can remote in over TeamViewer and set up everything software wise.

That’s the best solution I have, regrettably I don’t have a USB capture box at the moment (although it’s on my wish list).

It’s finally here! My son did the capture before he left after his Christmas visit. At 10 GB, I had intended to trim it and burn it to 2 DVD’s, but that didn’t go well, so I tried to see if the shorter file (3+ hours) would upload to YouTube. With some machinating, it did. This clip is Semi-Finals and Finals only (2009 Worlds), but I also have the Quarter Finals. The QF’s clip is actually 4+ hours, and on my slow connection, would take more than one overnight to upload. While I could cut it again, there were complications associated with that as well (involving limits on trials of free software), so I’m only motivated to do the work if someone really wants to see it.

2009 Inauguaral Vex Worlds Semi-Finals and Finals

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Thank you

I still can’t stand to watch 418 hitting the wall and shutting off in the Technology finals. It turned out to be a defective battery connector inside the PIC controller, a known issue that the team did not know about.

Thank you to you and your son!

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I’d forgotten about the copyright problem with the music – I’m seeing that now it’s blocked in 206 countries. I’ll see what I can do with the sound, but I may be back to square one with sharing.

If I could easily burn it on DVD for personal copies, I would.

@ManicMechanic I can download it, strip audio, and reupload if you want. PM me if you want me to do this and we can discuss it more.

PS I have a 100Mb/s up and down connection.

The version with no audio is located here: