I want to get my robot to change a variable if one of two things are true, and if both of those things are true. I am currently using the “OR” operator, but I heard that an “If else” command with an “OR” operator wouldn’t be true if both of the statements on either side of the “OR” operator were true simultaniously. If I heard correctly, then what operator should I use for an “AND/OR” operator?

So, it sound like you want

if (Button1 == 1 || Button2 == 2) {
PrintToScreen (“GO FOR IT!”);

That would be how you do it. Else-If would be fine as well.

so, is there an operator that will be true if only one condition is true? Also, what is user code? Another thing, would you know how to use two variables to tell the robot to tell which variable to set another variable to? relating to the previous question, how do yo0u get a variable to declare a character and how is that useful? also, if it isn’t to much trouble, could you tell me how to use a for loop?

yes the || is for either or both.

The answers to most of your questions are in the help file. Please check it out
and if you have any more questions let me know.

you must be refering to a different help file than i’ve been using. I have been clicking the help tab at the top of easy c and pressing the help button. where is the help file you use?

Click Help in the Help Menu of hit F1
Then click on the Index type in a topic and should have
what you are looking for.