And time starts now....

And finally… 8059A decided to start on their Ri1(or 2)D…

Start time: 15 June 2017, 1100h SGT

PS… no worries, we will have robots ready for Singvex :slight_smile:

So 1-2 days to build, 2-3 days to practice?
I’m very much looking forward to this

The 2-3 days of practice only work for the experienced teams.
The more junior teams will need a lot more driving practice.

And sorry - reveals will only be available after singvex :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m curious, why wait so long to start building? If you start sooner, surely you have more time to practice? Do you guys wait for the meta to develop a little bit first?

Good luck!

To be honest, other teams have started building (and practicing) before this.

8059A consists of my graduating year students. Their major exam is almost right after SingVex.
They needed to spend some time on their studies first, and only came back after they think they are done with their revision and prep for the exam.
From a teacher point of view - I applaud their time management :slight_smile:

And really, at this point of time, there is still no real meta for this season being revealed yet.
In any case, my teams already have ideas of how they want their robots to be like right after the release :slight_smile:
So… no… they are not waiting for any meta to develop.

I can wait :slight_smile: especially if you give as many details about how the competition went as last year. It’s sometimes more interesting to learn how the game plays out than the specific design of robots in the early season.

Ah! Well, if time is limited, then there’s no time like crunch time!

Sorry to inform everyone that 8059a ri1d project didn’t work out.

They figured that they will need at least one more day to finish it . But their exam is calling them back to their books.
But it is really gonna be pretty cool , and they hope to finish it up after their exam.

But well… do look out for other 8059 reveals after singvex - including a ri2d by 8059d/z plus some other interesting designs :slight_smile:

Awe, Does this mean A isn’t competing at Singvex?

They will still be - but a real simple robot that’s all.

@meng I assume that you will use the updated rules at SingVEX, or has your regional director granted an exception? Having a “National” (city-state wide, World Qualifying Competition) so early must be incredibly difficult, is there any reason that it is always so early every year?

@MayorMonty I think it has go do with the way their school year is setup and when they take their exams