And with that the 2020-21 season stumbles to a close for the last roboteers at regional championships

Long slog since March of 2020. Regionals/ States stopped, worlds stopped, new game remote skills and 4 way play, and for some in March and April, face to face robots. Half baked engineering books and underdone robots. But here we are, worlds Sunday as the lT few teams make it to the big dance.

For you seniors that didn’t get asked, very sorry. Maybe one of the dozen colleges that offer robots as a special thing will be your choice.

To the 1000 that made 2022 worlds, congrats,.

To those left, under classperson, 1 or more years to go, what’s the plan? Waiting for the big reveal of the game in May and you slog another cycle? Or do you bag it as my region winners did today going Pass on Worlds, and maybe pass next year. This was too hard, too chaotic, lack of,fun, so we are done.

What’s the plan Stan? Covid projects are showing Nov/Dec ending dates. Hanging in, just ordered your new robot journal or is it boxing the parts to go back to inventory for the next team


I’m gonna be perfectly honest with you chief, it took me like 5 times reading through that post and I’m still not sure I know what you’re asking.


I second taran.
Since next year is my last year, I will be memeing it up with some crazy designs. Will definitely be fun!

Staying with VRC or did the Covid world teach you more is out there.


@Railgunawesome and crazy sounds like some CAD plans worth waiting for


I’m certainly sticking with VRC for the next 2 years of HS at least, but COVID did give me the opportunity to work on some VEX things from an event-running perspective. That’s certainly been very cool.


I know I’ll be doing vrc next season, it’s gonna be my last so I’m trying to go out with the biggest bang I can muster. I didn’t compete at all this season which sucked a lot, so I’m very eager for the next one to begin. The wait until may 22nd is going to be a long one for sure.

But I really can’t complain, there are a ton of teams who had their last season ruined, with no more chances to play again. This has been a rough season, lets hope the next brings better experiences for all of us still competing, and lets hope the future treats those who are moving on well.


Taught me a lot. Although I didn’t outright gain any extracurriculars (if that’s what you meant), I’ve gotten the chance to briefly explore the world of motorcycles, which has been great so far. Definitely going to buy more dirt bikes, as I like the balance between the mechanical work and actual riding.
The break has kind of put the idea in my head that VexU is not the most beneficial thing to invest time in versus other robotics/engineering organizations and clubs I might find in college, so for that reason I will probably not participate…

Question about this. Have you essentially been doing tech support on your LRT manager/client thing for all the events that have been run, or at least the new/pilot ones? I ask because my teacher was trying to use it for our state tournament yesterday for inspections, and I heard you talking and saw you had helped one of the other teams at my school. Just wanted to say thank you for the hard work…

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I doubt other seniors share this perspective, but I’m happy that things happened the way they have. If they hadn’t, I wouldn’t have the outlook, goals, and motivations I currently do. Since we don’t get the chance to play HS again, character and experience building are much more valuable to me than another yearlong grind.

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Personally, I’m devloping some new cool stuff that y’all might see on WHOOP’s robots next year. Other than that, I think I’m gonna do a Ri3D after the game reveal.


bro thats one way to look at it but honestly I just wanted to go to worlds


Get a field in my home, get a competitive bot running before september and just code and drive.

Finish up my custom 2d motion profile so i won’t get destroyed in programming.

And before all, beg that the new game is more challenging mechanically and programming wise.

Upcoming junior, but I gotta win something big before my senior year


Basically I’ve been working on making an Event Console interface for teams and Event Partners to use for LRS events. I do remember y’all yesterday. You were having some internet issues I think. That’s one fatal flaw with any remote tournament system, lol. It doesn’t work if you don’t have internet.

But yes. I have been doing tech support. More than that, too. I’ve been “running” things to an extent as well. Hopefully from here things can just run on “autopilot” a bit more, but we shall see.

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And I’ve posted before, but let me do it again, the remote events that you are associated with are great. I’m excited to see other remote events going on, it’s a great way to support the VEX robot community.

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Have any of your teams attended one of “my” LRS events? I’m simply wondering if you’ve experienced one firsthand. (Trying to get feedback and all that)

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Sorry, no, we’ve had issues with our space and being able to network. We just did the Delmarva champs and have two LRT scrimmages in the next two weeks.

I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to do remote events at the end of summer.

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After making Worlds through skills as a freshman during Turning Point, slipping into Semis to qualify for Worlds in Tower Takeover and then seeing worlds get cancelled, and after an extremely difficult year of Change Up (having two of our three tournaments rescheduled, having our driver absent for our one skills tournament, having to skip states due to multiple scheduling issues) I’m still hopeful that our Encore challenge video will pull through to qualify us this year.

I’m planning to stick around for my Senior year. Try to get a final Worlds qual, (maybe qual all four years in high school :eyes:)


just going to hit it hard next year. My goal is to get to worlds and from there have as much fun as possible. Build the best bot I can go all out. Next year will be my last so why hold back


This was our teams’ second year, as a Freshman team, and we, unfortunately, did not make it to states this year. This was a combination of still not having much experience, and the fact that we were only able to meet once a week for 2 hours, which didn’t really give us much time for any driver practice or skills. We performed decently at most of our tournaments, and our robot showed very noticeable improvement throughout the year. We have learned a whole lot about things like build quality and our programmer is looking towards using sensors next year, I learned CAD, and we expect that, as a result of our gained experience and being able to meet more next year, to at least be able to make it to states.