Android App: VEX Team Assistant

Hello all:

I’ve recently taken to developing apps for the Android platform. My personal learning style (outside of school) is for me to have a real-world goal to work for as I’m learning something. So, I decided to develop a VEX Team Assistant app.

This app isn’t designed to replace the score calculator or the manual that comes in the VEX Sack Attack app, but is rather designed to fill the void everywhere else. This includes competition results, scouting recommendations, and a team tracker.

I’m going to be posting updates, screenies, etc. as I develop the app. Please note that I can’t guarantee the app until the end of this summer. While I do plan on working on it for the rest of the school year, I can’t make promises as to how much I can complete.

Finally, I’d love to hear suggestions for features and things that you’d love to see added to the app.

Idea: A scouting video feature. You type in the team name it comes up with all known YT videos related to that team. Would save people time going through a bunch of YT channels searching for a team.

I think that it would be more accurate if you had team name AND team number. That way it wouldn’t confuse multiple teams with the same number. Plus, I’ve seen a lot more youtube videos that state the team number(s) in the title or description than ones that state the names.