Android Round Up Scoring App

I’ve created a scoring app with App Inventor for the Android. Originally, I had created it just for my team, but I thought that others might like to use it as well. Apps created in App Inventor cannot be uploaded to the market (at least, not that I know of…), so I’ve attached the executable “.apk” file in a zip directory.

*]Calculates match score (duh)
*]Can send a twitter message, telling the match number, whether you’ve won/lost/tied, and what the score was
*]Ability to send match number and scores via SMS

Future improvements (if users want them…):
*]Error catching on SMS numbers
*]Ability to select contacts for SMS
*]Using team numbers (instead of just saying “We won” or “We lost”) in the Twitter update
*]Using team numbers (or alliance color) in text message, instead of just reporting scores and match number.

Installation Instructions:
*]Unzip and copy the file “Round_Up.apk”
*]Select Settings > Applications and check “Unknown sources,” if it is not checked already. This allows non-market apps to be installed.
*]Run “Round_Up.apk” (I typically use ThinkFree Office to navigate to the file and run it).

The application name is “Round_Up,” and the icon is a calculator with “Round Up” written on it.

For those who are interested, I’ve attached the (App Inventor) source code as well.

Comments/suggestions/error reporting welcome.

Round_Up (1.14 MB)
Round_Up App (29.4 KB)

what about on idevices? :slight_smile:
other than that, NICE JOB!
however, i already have a member on my team that can calculate all that in his head faster than a calculator :stuck_out_tongue:

at first i thought it calculated the scores in real time XD
again, good job for making an app like that
hopefully this will start an app trend :slight_smile:

I found this on the iTunes store: VEX Robotics Competition RoundUp Scorer and Timer. :slight_smile:
Note: I didn’t make it, nor do I know anything about it - I don’t have an iPod/iTouch/iPad.

I was thinking about having it do that, but this Q&A forbids iPods/iPads from being used during the match, so I would assume the same for Androids. :frowning: If it must be used after the match, I didn’t see any point in having it calculate “real-time.”

i was thinking of an ipad with real time scoring that acts like the timer screen, but with scores
and i wonder why they are not allowed to use it…
since the “coach” cannot use it
can a DRIVER use it?
can someone in the audience use it and yell out numbers?
the above suggestion isnt THAT far fetched considering at most tournaments, lots of people will yell “descore!, more SP!, defence!, ect”
just random thoughts…
and i still dont know why its not allowed

Wow this seems great, ill take a look at it and see what its like!