Angler for a Puncher

So I am a one man team basically and I decided to scrap my robot and develop a new one because I only have 2 competitions left to qualify for state and the one I have right now, while it’s not terrible, is not nearly World worthy. Before, I had a flywheel that I built in a weekend before a competition and never really have the time nor the effort to sit down and tune it especially when I could build an easy puncher. However the flywheel wasn’t the only problem with that bot.

I’m wanting to build a Puncher like I said but every shooter at my school is a puncher and I’d like to be different and more effective by making an angler. I have a whole V5 motor to allocate just to the angler. I’m wanting to have it pivot around the end of the shooter where the ball sits so my intake works no matter the angle of the shooter. I have an idea that I know will work but it’s quite bulky and I believe there’s better ways to achieve my goal. My ideas consist of:
• Rack and Pinion (This is the one I know how to make work by attaching it to the end of the shooter near the motor and stuff)
• A Cam Follower mechanism (I know how to make one of these but I don’t think it will give me the range I need, I’d like to use this one for the design points and the radness of it but I’d definitely rather take a working, simpler, and more compact way if possible)
• Some type of scissor lift mechanism

I was doing some research while typing this out and came across 574c’s reveal and really like their angler design. If anyone knows how it works and could explain I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for any help! I appreciate it.

The best way is probably pistons or a rack and pinion.

Scissor lifts are weak and bulky. Rack and pinion would probably work best.

Well yeah that’s what I was thinking, just wondering how other people achieve it themselves.

Scissor lift was what I was thinking of using the least. I’m probably going to go with my rack and pinion idea if nobody suggests a better way.

Thank you both.

@ZackJo has a really unique design that he got to work insanely well. I had a very similar idea early season, but scrapped it.
(I know, I reference this idea a lot. I just really like it!)

There’s a thread around here of a single-motor shooting and angling system from earlier season. I’ll see if I can find it for you.

Yeah I saw you mention it in . I looked up their robot and reveal and can’t really tell what’s going on and not quite sure how to implement it to my puncher.

Thanks for all the effort you put out for the community man, I see you everywhere and always check out your answers.

I couldn’t really understand what the other people were trying to say in that thread but I looked through it. Either told me what I already know or had a method I don’t believe would work on my robot.

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate the recognition. I do post a lot to try to get my team name out there, and to share what I know and add to it. Come up and say hi if you see me or my team anywhere!

Zackjo is very approachable. I had an extensive design discussion with him, where he explained how it works. I don’t want to put him on the spot or anything, but I don’t think he would mind a pm discussion. (If you want me to stop namedropping you, let me know…)

Anyway; VICTORY! I found the thread. It took some major work, as it was one of those early season team-update threads rather than a reveal labeled as so.

The only chance of our teams being relatively close is probably Worlds so if either of my teams make it I’ll definitely try to say what’s up.

I haven’t really thought of pm’ing anybody so I’ll try that out and see what people say.

I saw 675C’s stuff way early in the year when I was doing a similar DR4B to them, thanks for reminding me. Marvin is pretty rad. This is my 4th year of VEX but really only my first building and stuff, 675’s design seems a little complicated to me especially since I have a motor to spare but saving a motor always helps. I’ll check it out more and I do like cam follower designs. I’m just not sure if it will get the angles I’m striving for. I’m trying to be able to shoot both flags from around the front starting square, near the flags. Thanks again.

Good Luck to the rest of your season, I hope your team is doing well.

Nah, it’s alright, I don’t mind helping.

One of the simplest, and one of the most effective ways is to use a large gear/sprocket. You attach an outer hole on the gear/sprocket to the other of the shooter/chassis the gear/sprocket is not on with a bar. That way rotating the gear/sprocket brings them closer together or further apart.

nice - had to twist that in my head without a sketch :slight_smile:

So basically like a piston of a car right? I’m attempting something similar to this later today, it should work I just gotta make sure the range of motion is enough.

Something like this could probably work. Just don’t add rubber bands.

Yeah the only problem with that design is that both ends of it rotate but it shouldn’t be too big of a deal if I have it static.

Thanks, that’s what I’ve been thinking of but haven’t really been able to visualize it.

The range of motion is based on where you connect the bar. As long as you have enough access to your launcher, you can get whatever range of motion you need out of it, so long as you don’t intend to shoot forward and backward (flipped over).