Angles for shooting balls into the high goal?

Also, what are the best gearing ratios for shooting?

I have a 25:1 external gearing and speed internal gearing 1.6:1
So that’s a total of 40:1
it works pretty well and we have a lot of power, but we’re using a single flywheel system

my team is using a 60 degree angle with a 1:21 ratio using 4 speed motors

oh mine is a 45 degree one

What did you use to determine your angle for shooting? Any specific formula?

60 degrees is a good mix that will give us good height and distance, it is also the largest angle at which we could feasibly shoot into the high goal. the other benefit is we can shoot over opponents, and finally if you cannot adjust the angle, a higher angle means you can be closer to the goal and still make the shot

Thanks, we’re trying to figure out what a good angle is, but we’re confused on how to calculate the path or trajectory of travel

I have a spreadsheet for that, Will post the link I just need to find it

here it is in a google sheet, you need to actualy download the excel sheet for it to work.

the excel file contains 3 sheets

Sheet 1: this calculates the required initial velocity for any distance to the goal

below the graph you can alter launch height and angle, and it will show you to speed required to score in the high goal

Sheet 2: this one calculates the trajectory of the ball given the launch conditions, you can change the speed, angle, and height of the launch, the graph shows the flight path, the two horizontal lines show the top and bottom of the goal

Sheet 3: this one calculates the required launch velovity for a given distance, angle and launch hiehgt, This graph actualy takes into account air resistance and drag on the ball as it flies, so this is the most accurate one. Don’t bother with all of the graphs and tables and stuff, just modify the paramaters in green, and the answer will be show in the orange space, if you really want me to explain all how it works, let me know and I will.

Thanks, we appreciate it.