Animation Challenge: Not physically possible

How do we animate something that can’t exist?!?

1 Thats not the image that is shown in the cover page of the details.
2 As an alternate challenge, create an object such that it can be rendered to create the image you have shown, and show alternate views of it as well.

How do we animate something that can’t exist?!?
Think outside the box. See also : “anime”

Where did you find this shape? I will send it to the person who is handling the animation for our team. It will be interesting to see how he creates it in blender, I couldn’t with autoCAD. My thanks to M.C. Escher. I would suggest using a tetrahedron.


:slight_smile: By making a small change to the Challenge item you’ve violated the principles of physics. I guess we need to change the rules next year to prohibit this and any violation of the laws of thermodynamics, too.

Hmm… how about the Online Escher Challenge next year?

I’m confused as to what you guys are discussing

He’s asking how can one create a 3D model of an object that cannot exist.

And I think it would be interesting if you could use the image and make it so that it revolves so as to always face the camera ( because the effect is based on perspective it will always appear the same). Or you could do one of these: .

I had an friend look at this shape. He says that the shape is possable. The perspective is what makes it seem unrealistic. I cannot really explain how it works, but the two crossed pieces in the middle are the opposite vertacies of the tetrahedron, and the rest are the other sides. The best I can explain it as is a square lashing, pardon the boy scout referace, the center members are the staves and the other sides are the rope. Sorry for the lack of a picture, I haven’t learned how to use that yet.

The shape is 100% possible. Its kinda hard to explain how everything works with it but the centre bar going horizontally in the photo is angled to go up left and the vertical bar lays flat.

The darker bar going down the middle from top left to bottom right could be curved away from us (into the screen).

definitely possible…I just made a diagram with 6 pens I had laying around lol, the things we do…I don’t know how to explain it in text though, just grab some pens like I did and you can make it without trouble!
This is VEX, and this is what we do here, play with pens all day, lol

I used papertowels’ advice and did it with pencils and it works fine.

amazing what works…