Annotated Programming Skills Deadline

I saw another thread from August saying that the online Annotated Programming Skills Challenge deadline was extended to October 30 and some people didn’t seem too happy about that. However, considering that live remote competitions will only open on November 1st, wouldn’t it make more sense for the challenge to be due after November 1st? Why isn’t it due on December 8th like most of the other challenges?

Does anyone agree on this or do you guys think the deadline never should have been extended in the first place? Maybe if this post gets a lot of attention, the deadline might be extended again?


I agree. Also, because most public schools aren’t open, most school teams will probably progress much slower than normal and not meet as often. Having good programming skills by October 30th is hard enough in a regular season for most teams. With corona slowing everything down, it’s even harder.

then again maybe they made the deadline early so there would be less submissions and it would be easier to judge :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont see how is live remote competitions being related to annotated programming skills deadline.

When the deadline was 1st extended, many of you were up in arms, saying that it was being unfair, etc.

and now some of you are asking to be further extended?
it just feels like no matter what RECF gonna do, some of you will not be happy.

Maybe my teams generally do not think as “complicated” as some of you… they just take any deadlines given and work towards them… to the best of their abilities (despite all the Covid restrictions, etc).