ANNOUNCEMENT: 4253B HolonomicLib Release

Hello VEXers,

4253B is pleased to announce the release of our open source PROS library for holonomic drivetrains: HolonomicLib. Seeing as there are many teams planning on using holonomic drives this season, we wanted to make sure that all VEX teams had access to advanced code. Please see our documentation here to get started. You can also check out our repository here and API here.

HolonomicLib primarily offers 2 advanced methods of controlling holonomic drivetrains:

  1. Translation - travel to any location on the field using odometry and inverse kinematics. Example: VEX Holonomic Translation - YouTube
  2. Path following - follow custom paths using odometry and pathplanner. Example: VEX HolonomicLib Path Following - YouTube or VEX HolonomicLib Path Following (Translation) - YouTube

In addition to writing the software, we also documented exactly how our library works here. For teams that want to do the code themselves, you can use our explanations as a starting point. For advanced teams who want to focus on more advanced features, you can use our library for more concise code.

We genuinely hope that teams use HolonomicLib to learn more about advanced control theory in VEX.

Future Plans:

  • Pathplanner can be a bit complicated. We are planning on creating a custom path generator to make pathing easier.
  • Our current path following approach uses PID to follow a motion profile. We want to experiment with using pure pursuit to see if we can achieve even more accurate results.

4253B made an open-source PROS library called HolonomicLib. It can do stuff like this and this. Documentation is here, API is here, and Github is here. We also documented how all the algorithms work here.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to let @Ryan_4253B or me know. You can also ping us on the Unofficial VEX Discord Server.



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Ryan and team OP. Good job and good luck this season.

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Hey all,

4253B would like to announce a minor HolonomicLib update! We have (finally) updated it to the newest version of PROS and OkapiLib!

Please download the newest version here: Release v1.1.0 Release · jazonshou/HolonomicLib · GitHub

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the newest version to the root of your project
  2. Run pros conductor fetch
  3. Run pros conductor apply HolonomicLib