Announcing the VEX IQ Summer 2014 Refresh!

VEX IQ community, we have some very exciting news to share!

Over the past year, we here at VEX Robotics have watched the STEM education revolution explode as students around the world were introduced to the VEX IQ platform. The competitions have been exciting, the designs incredible, and the response overwhelmingly positive. However, as taught in the free VEX IQ Curriculum, we know that engineering is an iterative process. User feedback is an invaluable tool in ensuring the best experience possible, whether it’s from users here on the forum, in person at the VEX Robotics World Championship, or through our customer support lines.

That feedback has led to a few changes in the VEX IQ Starter and Super Kits this summer, and we’re very excited to share the results with you today. To see all the details, visit the Summer 2014 Refresh Announcement Page or the Kit Contents Comparison page. Highlights include:

  • 25+ additional plastic shafts
  • New motor shafts and capped shafts
  • New user guides and build instructions (downloadable immediately)
  • Blue gears, sprockets, pulleys, and pins

Can you make up an update kit with all the new or updated parts? I also see that the Clamping Shaft Collar are gone, I never could see a use for them.

Can the new Clawbot build instructions be used with the parts found in the original Super Kit? I took a quick look at the pages, and they seem to be compatible, except for the need to use only metal shafts if you have the original Super Kit.


I almost got the new one done but the arm will not go all the way up. We need parts we do not have. The new one is better designed.

update: got it fixed so yes you can make the new Clawbot from a Super Kit, you just have to improvise.

Good question. There won’t be an all-inclusive “update” pack, but individual part packs will be available to purchase separately this fall.

Your Kit Content Comparison page dose not match the new product page, the turntable parts are listed there.

Whitepass, I apologize, but I’m not sure if I’m understanding you correctly. Where are you seeing references to turntable accessories? These parts are only included in the Foundation Add-On Kit and are not mentioned on either the product page or the kit updates page.

Product page, Super kit, photos, column 1, row 4.

Ah, you’re correct. That photo was included by mistake and has been removed. Sorry for the confusion!