Announcing: VEX Wiki

In an effort to improve and increase the amount of VEX knowledge online, we’re proud to announce the VEX Wiki. Active VEX Forum participants will be allowed to add & edit content where appropriate using their VEX Forum login.

One cool feature of the VEX Wiki is the ability to edit your user page and show off any VEX projects you are working on. Once you log into the VEX Wiki, click your username in the upper right corner, and edit that page. (for example, mine is here:

A user guide for the MediaWiki software we are using can be found here. If you have any comments / questions, respond to this post and we’ll help you out.

A link to the VEX Wiki can be found on the VEX Forum portal, in the upper left Site Navigation box.

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I doubt there is a huge chance of this happening…

But if the Vex people could hook up with the MPLAB, RobotC and EasyC people to find a way to form a Wiki partnership, this Vex wiki could go from being kind of neat to super incredibly awesome.

RobotC already has a Wiki, but due to their extremely low traffic it has very little useful content. I suspect MPLAB would have one, perhaps with the same problem. I don’t know about EasyC either.

Any good discussion of robots is inevitably going to include the programming of them. I’m not suggesting that Vex should come up with the content, but perhaps your company could reach out to these other groups and offer the consolidated space and perhaps assistance in migrating content they already have in a wiki.

I know all of the above is a pipe dream, but I’d love to see a growing, thriving Vex community and having 4 different Wiki’s to go to and potentially maintain is a huge deterrent to usage.

It is even possible something like this will happen to your wiki naturally, as people post content to just one wiki.

Also, I wanted to say thanks for setting up a Vex wiki. I hope that over time it will become quite awesome!

It is much better to answer common questions in good detail, then if someone can’t find them and asks on the forums anyway… someone can point them to the wiki page with details instead of having to come up with an answer every time.

I’m thrilled to see this. We answer the same question many times, so this may be a way to consolidate the info. Cool thing about a wiki is that we can add to the single page, rather than needing to send people to read multiple posts. It’s also possible to link to other pages in other Wiki’s.

I for one welcome our new Vex Wiki Overlord!

Very cool! This may also be an opportunity to fulfill another request of mine, namely to have one place where links to all the inventor’s guide sections are consolidated. I noticed that all the sensors are nicely listed, but there are no links to mechanical parts like the tank treads or chain & sprocket kits (I tried searching, too). Could those go under motion?

Of course they can! You just have to go put them there (or convince somebody else to do it) :D.

  • Dean


Is there any chance of setting up an index of team information like the FIRST wiki?
That would be pretty neat to have a central location so that anyone could look up a team’s history.

We at VEX are working with easyC and ROBOTC to try to centralize Wiki content. There will be more to come.

Cool thing about a Wiki is that you can add your own content. I’ve started entering information about the four Downingtown teams. Here is a link to Team81. So you don’t need to wait for anyone to put content in, you can do it.

This is a fantastic new resource for the VEX Community - thanks for making it happen!

Could we get a “VEX Wiki” button on the navigation bar above; right up there by “VEX Code”, “VEX CAD”, and such?


  • Dean

Added it up there – good suggestion, Dean.

For serious, that is fantastic news. For great justice! :slight_smile:

What about adding a big one, in the 2x5 block up top? It wouldn’t look as good with 11 instead of 10 buttons though :confused:

Or at least change the “Forum” button to “Community” since it encompasses the Forum, Code, Gallery, Calendar, Wiki, etc.

  • Dean

I already do this, i.e. Re: Need Assistance- Ultrasonic sensor. It is just a little time consuming…

Where the Wiki is an improvement over these Standard Forum Posts are:

  1. You can edit them after 24 Hours. No more incorrect information being part of the Forum indefinitely.

  2. Other Experts can fix your mistakes before you lead Other Novices, too far astray.

I won’t bring up any negatives… :wink: