Anodized aluminum will be for sale on robosource soon! (Click here for details)

I’m very happy to say that anodized c-channel in black will be available for purchase from robosource as early as this Friday! Why only black? Well, my anodizing company will only anodize in vats of 85 at a time. Any less and it costs the same. I bought 300 from vex, and they only shipped 144 and I only paid for 144. My company is extremely nice and let me slide and do the 144 as one batch, but only in black. Additionally, I did some math wrong, and my c-channel would have earned me only $30 if I sold all of it, so the price will end up being $42 per 6-pack. As this business takes off, the price WILL go down. Additionally, robosource will be providing the opportunity to pre-order different colors. I need to prove that people are willing to buy the c-chan before I invest in buying it, so it’s nice to have some money to back up a potential buyer instead of just an email. Here are the colors that are available, note that they can do any shade of any color shown here:

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