Another Autodesk question v2

Alright, so in my never ending struggle to comprehend some of what Autodesk can do I ran into another problem; I was trying to cad our intake and I reached a point where I had a high-strength 24 tooth sprocket with 2 6" standoffs attached to the ends of it. I then needed to place a second high-strength 24 tooth sprocket on the ends of those standoffs. The problem is that when I placed the sprocket onto one of the standoffs it wouldn’t let me constrain (or use imates) it to the second standoff. I then tried to constrain it to standoff first and constrain/use imates to place it on the second standoff but this still brought up the error box. I would like to know how to work my way around this and/or find a way to place it on both standoffs with the same tool.

It may be that the second sprocket has another constraint that isn’t letting you join the part to the standoff. Go to the feed and open the second sprocket tab and eliminate any constraints that appear. Also make sure you are mating correctly the standoffs with the sprockets by using the central axis of the standoff and an axis of a sprocket hole and then use a second constraint with the standoff and the sprocket’s face .

Use insert constraints on cylindrical geometry, no imates necessary. Choose the two circles you would like aligned and mated and an insert performs both with one action.