Another Autodesk question :)

I am wanting to start building our six bar lift in Autodesk but it’s being a slight pain. I am wanting to know 2 things: 1: How do join together parts (like a 60 tooth gear and a 1x2x1x35 C-channel) that do not have imates? I have constrained them together but when I try to move them I’m wanting them to move in the same direction as if they were joined together. 2: How could I more accurately and efficiently place axles into bearing blocks? I can constrain the axle into the bearing block but it’s a little finicky with me and I have to play with it for a couple minutes before I get it just right. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Axles into bearings I usually either put into motor which handles it for you or have a HS gear and mate the insert to the bearing.

For the gear attaching to a c channel you would have to make work planes on the c-channel which you can make work axes for. You can then constrain the work axes to the holes of the gear. For the bearing and axle I’m not sure what you mean. But I feel if you make a work axis on the axle first and then constrain that to the bearing it would work

I usually attach screws to the metal using imates and then mate the screw to the gear hole.

3 tangent constraints total on two pairs of matching holes on the gear and c-channel

You can mate the curved corners of the axle with the bearing flats.